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Gardens of Angels
By Kathleen D., Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Angels come in many sizes,
of many different strengths.
Of gospel wings of holy twine
and golden curls of many lengths.

There is a special force with you
look over your shoulder;
there is a garden of sacred faith
and of the key you are the holder:

Many angels watch you battle
and know that they love you so.
They will wield a force against
what threatens thy sweet soul.

They will bless you with a tender kiss
that will give you comforted ways.
And whispers in a gospel choir
" Everything will be okay."

They may seem further from you
but of these God sweet lands
every angel that believes in you
is there holding your hand.

They know that with each breath
is a miracle to you
but they know that it is so and
that every moment is so true.

You are invincible and determined
because each one holds you dear to say
"We know you have the strength to live
so I'll we need to do is pray."


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