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Just Write
Poem by Annie S., Cole Harbour High, Cole Harbour, NS

Just write. Your mind does the work.
Your first thoughts on paper.
Your fingers move the pen.
Nothing to it.
Just do it.
Just write.

Imagine life and all its works, wonders and powers.
From an Egyptian Queen Covered in gold on her velvet sheets
Eating from the silver platter,
to the bum on the streets
whose hopes and dreams
of being so fresh and so clean
Still gleam in bright white lights
but is nowhere in sight. Just write.
Your mind does the work.

Whistle while you twurk
Oh that line was hurt.
Bad, sad not me in this crazy place.
Remove me, Let me be.
I want to see the world,
I want to swing and twirl Down the coast of Nicaragua.
Pearl Lagoon and Bluefields
and get back to my roots.
Where my ancestors were created and sedated
Working like zombies to survive.
Do what you got to do.
By any means necessary I say Good day.
One way My way.
Tricks and fools by their huge-ass
Swimming pools
Making millions Off the foolish
Who don't know that Liberation Is the only way To Freedom.
And speak your mind Let the world know
Who you are
And where you're going.
Just write. Your mind does the work.

Pop your collar
Gimme a dollar When you're gone, Gimme a hollar. I'll be there Have no fear
Go to a place that isn't laced With false convictions
And racist sections. Love me for who I am
I'm not the man
But I'm part of the plan
And I'll be damned If you tell me otherwise.
No lies
Tight ties
I'm wise
And high. Way on top,
not see no stops
or long drops.
Knowledge is the key To destroy their foundation.
For the freedom train Is what I'm chasin'.
Just write.
Your mind does the work.


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