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When Friends are Best
By Devin D., Grade 10, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

My posse, the girls, Jenelle, Ashley and Sarah have been the people I have cried with, fought with, laughed with and have always been with or have done some pretty stupid things with.

Each of the girls I met at a different time in my life and in very different ways. The first I met was Sarah. It was the first day of kindergarten most of the kids didn't know anyone, myself included and I was petrified after the teacher told us to go to the bathroom before lunch. I was standing in line waiting and this really pink girl (she was wearing an all pink outfit with those hot suspenders) asked me if I liked cats. I said yes but that I did not have one and then she asked if I liked dogs again I said yes and that I had a dog named Sam this was the start of a friendship that has lasted 11 years!

The next one I met was Jenelle; it was our first year of middle school which starts in grade 6 and I was hanging out with some friends in the school balcony near the gym when my then boyfriend introduced us. She was an friend of his from elementary school. From then on that year we were inseparable.

Jenelle introduced Ashley to me a year later in grade 7. Ashley was a crazy loud chick! We have some pretty fun memories of the stuff we did that year.

At first all of us did not hang out together. No matter how close I was with any of them, we all had different people that we hung out with but in grade 7 half way through the year -- I don't really remember how -- we all started hanging out in the child care room. Ashley was doing a dance at the end of the year in front of the school and she had invited us to watch her once, and then once turned into all the time. We were careful though, because we did not want her to get caught by the school's music teacher. Most of us were on his bad list any way, and we all had one more year to get through with him so again we were really careful but the more we went in the more some of our other friends wanted to come too!

Eventually Keith and some of the guys we hung out with at the time would come with us. One week I had laryngitis and that same week that teacher came in to find every one fooling around. They all got detention for a week. Sarah called to tell me then so did Ashley and so did Jenelle. I was so glad I had missed that week.

After that we were always hanging out together. Until the summer of grade 8 Sarah's dad Rick got a really good job offer in Ottawa and over that summer they moved. It was so hard even though Jenelle and Ashley were going through the same thing, I took it the hardest because of the closeness between Sarah and myself. We threw a big goodbye party for her and she came to visit that year and the next, then the summer before grade 10 Sarah moved back! Once again we are almost always together.

Sarah, Jenelle and Ashley have always been there for me during the hardest times of my life and also some of the funniest times. Through this story you have gotten to know the fun sides of these girls and that is probably the way it is best. But we have been with each other through some of the darkest times in each others lives and still are trying to find our ways out. That is not really some thing that any of us wants to say in this story. No matter what, I know they will always be there for me.


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