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My other Sister...
By Kathleen D., Grade 10, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

It's a common quality of a younger sister. Glowing eyes sparkling as admiration and respect reflect in their faces as they wonder at their older sisters. They truly idolize their "big sis". Their hair styles, wardrobe and favorite shows are mimicked by the younger sister to a "t". The older sister doesn't like to show it all the time, but the love expressed in their parroting ways is so much appreciated.

I should know how the mind of the little sister works because I have two. One sister I watched grow from an infant. From a vibrant and loving baby to a beautiful, independent pre-teen. The other, I met when I was five.

I remember playing up in the woods in my backyard one hot & sunny summer day. All was going well until a little, blonde annoyance bounced from behind an old oak. I stared in fury as the menace interrupted the game I was presently engaged in. She smiled warmly and introduced herself.

The days to follow were stalked by the preschool blonde. As with each visit my patience thinned, my love grew for the little girl.

Once the paradigm of her being only a disturbance had worn off, I found myself bound to the girl. Every day I now searched for her company.

I can still remember the sweet sparkle in her eyes as she looked up at me during our elementary years. She made me feel so important. She noticed my style, my creativity, and leadership, and held great respect for that. I felt like her idol. Her hero.

From a kindergarten kid to a sixteen-year old high school student, I grew and had the opportunity to watch my childhood friend grow. From the girl I met sprung a young individual. I taught her everything I knew and stood by her side through thick and thin. I thought I had prepared her for some of life's obstacles when in reality it was she who had prepared me in some cases. As much as I like to think I had inspired her, it was she who had inspired me. She had embraced my creativity from my very first story. As my imagination mounted, she helped me realize it and let me put it to the test. I could then grow as a writer and reach out to those around me.

To someone who still to this day leads me to be the best friend and person I can be, whom I can talk and express myself to. Who reads every one of my poems, stories and articles no matter how long they are. I trust and admire my second sister as a friend and respect and love her as a person.

I can't imagine who I'd be without her. We are sisters: Family by soul.


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