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Silver and Gold
By Alicia B., Grade 10, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

"We all take a different path in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere," sings country star Tim McGraw. Last summer I took a different path from my friends when I moved to Fredericton. I have taken a little of each friend with me on this path, but the friend I carry in my heart the most is my best friend Emily.

I first met Emily in grade six. One day at lunch hour we ran into each other on the soccer field at school. Talking to Emily was effortless; by the end of the lunch hour it was discovered we both enjoyed tap dancing and jazz as well as playing the piano. We bonded quickly, as if we had been friends forever.

Our friendship has been tried and tested. In our endeavor to become friends, other people tried to come between us, which they did temporarily. The following year Emily and I were put in different classes, which did not allow us to spend much time together. Throughout the year, we each developed new groups of friends. At the time I did not realize I was misreading this group of friends. It was not until my last year at middle school that I realized my mistake; I then perceived they did not have the qualities of true friends. Emily showed the nature of a true friend; one who always stood by me and was there when I needed her. As a result of this revelation our friendship has been stronger.

Emily has many colorful qualities; her constant smile and bubbly personality endears her to me. She also has a shy side but my influence on her has changed this. One appealing thing about our relationship is we never fight; we seem to agree on most things. Emily and I have a lot in common which is also another reason we don't fight. Spending time with Emily is like watching a good comedy, I go away feeling good about myself. I feel I can be myself and tell her all my thoughts. Emily and I share long lists of inside jokes, that only we would understand.

Something we both have done together for the last three years is go to Fundy National Park. Ever since I can remember my family have visited Fundy National Park as a part of my father's work. Eventually there were not many people my age attending so I asked if Emily could come with us. Our trips to Fundy National Park has been a time for Emily and me to connect more, meet new people, have many memories to share, as well as more inside jokes to add our list.

I remember from years ago, a song I use to sing in Pioneer Girls. The lyrics read, " Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold." Even though I have made new friends in Fredericton I will never forget the old ones.


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