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Relating in Relationships
By Tom C. Grade 10, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

I like to think that I have good relationships with all my friends and both of my parents as well. My parents support me through out athletics and encourage me academically. Athletically, my parents support all of my highly expensive sports and offer drives as long as I give good notice.

First of all I play hockey, which my parents drive me to and from and which they also enjoy to watch. They also support my paintball addiction: I live by the saying ‘eat, sleep, play paintball'. Spending roughly five hundred dollars per tournament and playing an average of five tournaments in a year, you can see how expensive it can get. So although hesitant at first, my parents eventually warmed up to the idea of me playing paintball competitively. I also snowboard frequently and own my own board and boots so that also costs a couple hundred dollars plus lift tickets.

Academically they support me and encourage good grades. They help me with homework but don't do it for me. Although they have high expectations (nothing below 90) I think that it forces me to work harder and improve my grades. I think my parents have taught me a lot of life lessons that are very important and they also help point me in the right direction.

I also like to think that I have a good relationship with all of my friends as well. I see my friends around in school but I am not dependant on them, as they shouldn't be dependant on me. I usually only see/ hang out with them while playing sports, mainly hockey, paintball, and snowboarding.

I consider my best friend to be my girlfriend as I find myself leaning on her more then any other person in my life. My girlfriend helps me with anything I may need help with. She supplies me with a great deal of emotional support and I feel like I can go to her with any of my problems.

Our personalities complement each other perfectly. Being opposites when we first started dating, we soon began to rub off on each other and now we share many of the same views and ideas. She was out going and talkative, I was shy and kept to myself. Both of our personalities had ups and downs but together we formed a well balanced life-style. We accomplished together what we couldn't alone. She showed me what I was missing out on by not interacting with other people. I showed her that being out going only showed other people who she was and didn't give her time to find out who they where.

I believe our relationship to be a very healthy and productive relationship. Having dated for just short of two years now, we must be doing something right.


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