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Neglected Puppies
By Crystal H., Grade 11, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Unaware of the meaning and reasoning for why he and his siblings were unjustly placed in this situation, Jake patiently lays on top of one of his sisters in the bottom of the tattered cardboard box.

Jake is a new born four week old puppy, and is a mixture of lab and sheppard. He is not the only weak and unhealthy puppy in the box, as he has two brothers and one sister accompanying him.

The young and innocent puppies were completely oblivious to their previous family, if you can call them that at all. The human beings, who formerly owned these puppies, were actually cruel, heartless and inhumane creatures. These owners felt that they no longer desired to be the ones responsible for four dependent puppies.

The box, which is currently the miniature home of these puppies, was placed, and most likely in a violent manner, by these humans in a damp and dreary ditch on the side of the road in Zealand, New Brunswick.

This is a very serious problem in society, which is definitely being overlooked and it is essential that mankind work on preventing and omitting further cases of dog abuse.

Jake's undeveloped mind cannot rationalize why his owners no longer wanted to love him and felt that he never did anything to anger or frustrate them. Poor little Jake does not understand why his family left him to die.

"What did I do wrong? I am useless and do not think that anyone will ever want to love and nurture me again."

It is dreadfully windy outside their fragile little home and Jake and his siblings flinched as they heard an instantaneous rumble of thunder.

The minuscule cardboard box dampens quickly from the soggy ditch and hard-hitting rain.

Every warm-blooded specimen in the box quivers from the cold; however, they have all become rather accustomed to it as it feels that they have been there for eternity.

All of Jake's brothers and sisters are attempting to fall asleep to temporarily relieve them from this continuous torture; nonetheless, Jake cannot sleep as he feels too abandoned and unimportant.

There was a flow of cars streaming on the open road above the ditch ignorant to what lays inside the box.

Does no one care?

Night passes and the sun rises to reveal a brand new day.

Will this be a better day for the lives of these four discarded puppies?

Apparently it will, and it all commences as Jake hears the joyous laughter and playful bickering of a young female and her brand new husband who seem to be approaching the box.

"I wonder what is in the box. People must learn to stop littering," says the loving husband.

Due to her husband's comment, the young woman is curious and decides to take a look inside the box. She begins peeling open one of the layers from the top of the box and the litter within is shaken with fear and whimpering; harmonizing like a musical choir.

Can the puppies trust these newlyweds?

The couple stares with disbelief, creating an intense silence between the two. They gaze deep within the box and then back into each others' wide eyes several times.

Eventually, little Jake is seized into the man's strapping arms and the puppy can immediately feel more warmth than with his encounters with his previous owners. Jake is stroked, patted and also spoken to, as if he is a valuable being in this world.

All four puppies are ultimately placed within a moving vehicle, much larger than the space that they are familiarized with. Each puppy is bewildered and cannot presume where they are being taken.

Where are they being taken?

After a somewhat timely trip, the vehicle eventually slows to a stop in front of a minute building. This building appears to be deep within a time of financial problems.

The back door of the van is opened by the young lady and because of the puppies' instincts; they huddle timidly into a herd, each with their head directed downward.

Jake's sister is the first puppy separated from their tight cluster and squeals with insane fear as she is taken into the mysterious, unidentified building.

Two middle aged women follow the young man out from the building to the side of his van. They also gaze with incredulity at the beautiful and innocent puppies, in amazement at why anyone would want to give up such magnificent creatures. Their stare is broken when one of the women picks up little Jake and one of his brothers. The other woman carefully grabs the last puppy and each person walks towards the building.

Once inside, Jake gawks in amazement. The room is surrounded with dogs and puppies of all shapes, sizes, breeds and ages. He is still uncertain of the exact location and of the purpose of this place. He and his siblings are taken to a private room and each are quickly inspected. Jake doesn't understand what is happening to him and has no trust in humans, due to the abuse and neglect that he formally had to withstand.

The puppies are then taken back to the initial room where all of the other depressed and heartbroken dogs are kept in cages which line the room's walls.

Jake and his siblings are placed in a cage together. Inside their cage are several bowls of water, toys and treats.

Yes, they are in an SPCA. This is an improved atmosphere for the puppies; however, it is still not preferable. The puppies will be treated well here; they will be taken for walks, will have food to eat and will be shown that they are loved. A positive aspect of being at the SPCA is that they all have hope that they may be taken to a home which will be devoted to caring and nurturing them.

Nevertheless, there is still a disheartening aspect for Jake and his siblings; they are never guaranteed the certainty of being taken home to a permanent loving home.

After living in the SPCA for a relatively long time, one by one, Jake's siblings are adopted. Each is departing to a compassionate home and only Jake remains.

The unfortunate little Jake is left alone to wait for his forthcoming family. As each day goes by, he is being well taken care of; nonetheless, there is an aspect of his life that is missing. Jake is depressed that all of his family has deserted him, but he remains optimistic that someone will view the love that he has to give and that he will have is very own happy ending.



Angela, 22, PEI
I thought this was a very touching article, and I would recommend anyone to read it.


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