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Obsessed much?
By Jennifer W. Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

I think the scariest thing in the world today is be followed around by someone you have never met in your entire life.

Is being nice to someone a lead on to stalking? There are so many wrong reasons why a person would stalk another person. My friend knew this younger boy at school. A group of friends and I would walk by and just smile, say "hi" that would be the end of our conversations.

But then he started coming over to where we would stand and talk to us very inocently. At random he asked my best friend for her number. She had huge look of confusion. Everyone in my little group thought it was pretty funny, except for my best friend who was kind of freaked out by the whole situation.

Day after day he would stalk my small group of friends. It got to the point where he started asking her out to dances or movies. He would call her and ask very random questions like "when do you get home after school?" or " What's your favorite hobby?" she hung up the phone and called me right after her phone call from the stalker.

Finally my friend went over to him the next day and told him that she didn't like him. You would think that would do the trick. Nope. What do you know, he starts liking me, me of all the people of Fredericton High School! I couldn't believe it. Exactly the same thing happens to me.

He would call me and all I would tell him was I had something to do. The next thing you know he starts liking my good friend Janelle. She joked around with him, and we warned her of what happened to us, but she didn't understand what we were saying untill she started to get followed by him at lunch hour or even during breaks. He knew where her locker was and where she lived, even her middle name. He would call me and ask for her number. Of course I said I didn't have it. Then he calls everyone in the phone book with the same last name as her. When he finally reached her she hung up on him. But he kept trying and trying, but she wouldn't answer her phone.

The next day at school he wrote her a note asking her out and telling her he loved her. It was a bit too much.

Janelle wrote him a note stating that she doesn't like him and never will. It was very harsh but it got the point across.

It is so hard to believe that people get stalked everday. Some of the time, the people know and some of the time they don't which is the scariest part. You hear it all the time with celebrities. They get restraining orders on the people who stalk them. Just imagining all the thought that would go though your mind, it would scare anyone to death.

And for Janelle, it was scary. "I never felt more interrupted before. He scared me. I wanted to ignore him," she said. You have to be in the situation to really know how people feel when they are being stalked.

Sexual harassment is a factor in stalking, not all cases, but there is a large percent involved the crime.

Danielle, a girl at our school, was being harassed at her workplace by a man 15 years older than herself. He would make obscene comments to her, and finally it got to the point where she couldn't deal with it anymore. She told her management about it and they fired him.

For Danielle, it was a great relief. "I felt so relieved to go to work and not have to be scared anymore it was weight lifted off my shoulders," she said.

There is no difference when a man is being stalked. You just never hear of it as much as you do women. When I think of a person being stalked I automatically think a woman would be the victim.

If everyone thought that way so many women could get away with it, which is terrible.

Keep in mind, you could be a victim and you might not know it.


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