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My Wonderful Grampie
By Kristin J., Grade 10, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Even though I didn't realize it, I've had a very dear friend since I was born. A man who has taught me how to speak a bit of a different language, appreciate smaller sweeter things in life, and my family history. Someone who has made me laugh when I'm not smiling and who makes up random songs, walks around the house and sings them. The person I'm talking about is my grandfather, Andy.

I value this relationship for different reasons. First, he is extremely patient. I never realize how annoying I am until someone else points it out to me. I am forever asking questions about my family history, but Grampie never seems to mind. In fact he seems to be delighted in answering. I also love to ask what life used to be like for him, and he loves to tell me about that as well.

The second main reason I love my grandfather, (despite the fact that he is my grandfather) I love to be in his company. I've read a quote that went; "If you want to be loved, be loveable", and that's exactly how he is. He is constantly making up four line songs about anything and everything, and singing them. He plays with the kids along with playing the floe of the adult. He gives good, tight bear hugs, and has a jolly laugh with a smile to match it. He's an all around happy person and seems to see the good in everything.

The third reason I adore my grandfather is that he is the perfect role model. He is never without a smile!! He loves living. He never wastes a moment. My grandfather is up at six thirty almost every morning, and is ready to do anything to make someone happy. With his optimistic outlook, he is also very opinionated. I'll never forget the time he went on to explain his opinion about what is wrong with today's youth. We are always able to find something to talk about, and almost always have worthwhile conversations.

I have learned many qualities and talents from my Grampie. Like speaking a bit of the language of my great-grandfather, patience, (though in this aspect I still need a lot of practice) and a love of all living things. Through every year I have lived, my grandfather has been there to simply keep me smiling and providing life's best medicine, laughter. For all the qualities, talents, laughter, and for all the times he let me plop down on his lap even though there was an empty seat next to him, I am very grateful. I can't say that I would be the same person I am today, if not for the little bit of influence he had on me. I am very lucky to know such a wonderful person.


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