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Anatomy of a Friendship
By Dexie L., Grade 10, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

1995 was the year that I met my best friend Keshia. I had just moved here from Winnipeg. It was April. I didn't think that this girl would be my best friend for life.

My parents and I had met her family at a party. To our surprise, Keshia and her family had also just moved to New Brunswick. It was funny because both our families moved here at the same year, month and week.

Keshia and I weren't the best of friends right away. Actually we didn't even like each other. I thought she was stuck up and her reason for not liking me, well that I have yet to know. We went to the same school. She was in grade one and I was in grade two. I saw her playing on the playground and decided to talk to her. We decided to put our differences aside and try to be nice to each other. From then on, Keshia and I hung out and became friends.

I can still remember our first fight as if it happened yesterday. It was winter. Keshia and I and a couple of other friends were making a snow fort. We were using big boulders of snow. Keshia and I started to argue about who brought the most boulders for the fort. She claimed she did but "everybody" knew it was me. The argument ended by her stealing my boulders and building another fort for herself. I was so mad. But of course both of us got over it.

Four years ago, I thought our friendship was going to end. Keshia had just given me the terrible news that she was moving back to Toronto. I started to cry because I didn't want her to move but there was nothing I could do. The day before she was about to leave, she came to my house so we can say our goodbyes. It was a very sad moment for the both of us. About a month later, my mom said that a surprise would be coming for me later on in the day. In the afternoon I heard the doorbell ring. Standing on my doorstep was Keshia. She told me that there was a change of plans and that she wouldn't be moving after all. I was so happy.

Keshia and I have been through a lot during the past years while we have been friends. Through the laughing, the crying, the silly little arguments and the heated fights, she has stuck with me and been there for me through it all. With out her my life would be incomplete. I can count on her and know that she's got my back anytime I feel like I'm about to fall. Keshia is like a sister to me. I know that I can rely on her whenever I need the support. She is behind me 100%. Keshia is and forever will be my best friend for life.


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