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Dear Friendly Fish
By Elizabeth G., Grade 6, George Street Middle School, Fredericton, NB

Dear Friendly Fish,

For what do you wish?

Do you go to school?

Or live in a pool?

Do you play any games?

Do you have first or last names?

Do you play basketball?

Ever spend time in the shopping mall?

What do you eat?

Will you and I ever meet?

Do you listen to music on your "Walk fish"?

Do you watch TV from a satellite dish?

Do you remember your dear old dad?

Did he ever do something to get you mad?

Is living in water just okay?

Is it where you plan to stay?

Do you have a favorite food?

Maybe it depends upon your mood? In a net, have you ever been caught?

I sure hope not.

Ever met a great big shark?

Did he leave a tooth mark?

Are your friends orange or pink?

Where do you go to get a drink?

After eating, to you tend to sink?

Swimming all day is hard I think.

Do you live in the sea?

Do you wish to interview me?


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