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Virgin Heart
By Kathleen D., Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

I fall into love
face first
into the ground.
I lay there
without a sound.

Of these hands
these virgin hands
that have never felt
a gentle touch.

A virgin mind
that tender mind
that believes only
in being lonely.

Love is legend
never to strike
my virgin heart
my empty heart.

I have only seen
with these virgin eyes
the way you cry
the way you lie
when you're cursed
by love's flaming

Love fades
into deceit
into pain
into rain
that lashes at
my bare back
bared to the sky
like a whip.

Touch my virgin lips
Gently speak
into my neck
where only I can hear
your true heart beat.

Let me know
that love is not a lie
that there is
more purpose
than just to make
me cry.

I try
to believe
that I am not
That under a dark
night sky
love does not
always slump
into emptiness.

I lie
to myself
that my heart
can be given
to man.

My soul
never has
meld into one whole.
My hand
never held
and lead
down a cherry blossom

It's a fantasy
that I do not dream
I give in
to the lies
about love.

I will lie
upon the sands
bearing my virgin heart.


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