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'Ethical', I Think Not!
By Shaynne Hiscock, Prince of Wales Collegiate, St. John's, NL
(originally published in PWC's Student Newspaper http://www.pwc.k12.nf.ca/newspaper)

On March 11th 2004, Madrid, Spain, was bombed. 190 were killed, and 1800 people injured. A terrorist group linked to the al-Qaeda network is said to have conducted this bombing; their reason being that Spain participated in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. What a reason to bomb a city! One's negligence and preference of a country's standards should not be a reason to bomb a big city.  Disagree or not, it's just not ethical.

What is ethical? According to the dictionary ethical is defined as "a set of principles of right conduct; a theory or a system of moral values." Now, according to this, anything could be ethical if you believed in it right? If it were part of your religion or belief system to go blow yourself up, in the name of God, would it not be ethical? If you were to do it because it meant a happier after life, would you not do it? For most of us, this we disagree with, and call unethical. What about what Spain is doing, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, is that not ethical? To the eyes of the Spaniards and the other countries that invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, it is ethical. But yet, people still retaliate. What is going on is a disagreement between cultures.

What one thinks is ethical, the other, opposes, and vice versa. As Spain waltz's in on Iraq building their weapons of mass destruction, start blowing things up, as well as themselves, shooting and taking people prisoner, they are told to think and accept that they are doing this for the greater good. That this will make the world a better place.

Who's to say that the same isn't said to the suicide bombers that blow themselves up on buses? Who's to say that this isn't told to the experts that make and deploy the bombs that caused last week's death toll? Ethical is what you make it. Ethical should be the survival and conservation of a person's life, not the eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth society that we seem to live in, and the whole world for that matter.

If we live like this, as a very intellectual person once said, the whole world will be toothless and blind. Don't let this happen. Support the peacekeeping, not the violence.

(Photo obtained from CNN website:  http://www.cnn.com )


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