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Faith's Fire
By Kathleen D., Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

I stand numb bearing the pain
in front of a golden chest.
The only sound that breaks the silence
is my heart beating between my breasts.

A stained glass portrait of Jesus' love
bids sun to dance across my face.
And as a tear drowns my cheek
that heart begins to race.

Alone you sat on ghost-white sheets,
death rotting your lungs,
a glitter of hope in your eyes,
as in the song in which you sung.

"Jesus loved you"
this you sang.
And in your soul
Heaven's bells rang.

You smiled to God
to let him know:
"Yes my Father,
I'm ready to go."

You knew, didn't you?
That with morning's kiss,
that by death's hand,
you would be missed.

Because in the soul of a dying body
paradise it can be seen.
For when you gently closed your eyes
your passing it was keen.

And so you sung
a song to kind,
to rest our souls,
to ease our minds.

And so my frozen body melts
with faith's fire.
And thanks to your belief
my numbness retires.

And Jesus above
with his light,
as he holds you tight.

And in the wooden box so pure
your tattered body no longer tires.
As your soul can rest in your faith
and inside your family's heart, we hold your fire.


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