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The Right side of the Brain
By Kathleen D., Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

School systems are very critical in exercising our minds in logical aspects and concepts. Unfortunately, life does not solely revolve around basic figures or symbols. Many times, life throws us curve balls and we must rely on our intuition and instincts. Sometimes facts must be put aside to achieve success in life, whether it be in career or daily routine.

In life using half our brain will not guarantee success. That is why I believe our schools must include exercising the right and imaginative side of our brain rather than just our logical left side.

Our brain shares the basic instincts and necessities for living in two separate hemispheres: the right and left sides of the brain.

Our left side controls not only the right motor skills but many important factors. The left hemisphere controls our sense of time, our organization, speech and our logic. School systems are designed to create left side dominate people. With essential classes of math and science, social studies and history, logical classes overrule our imaginative courses. Art class, the writing and reading portions of English class and music class are the only real classes that we have to express ourselves. Even then, music and art are not mandatory. Many kids go all day without once touching into the right side of the brain.

Our right sides should not be overlooked. The right side of our brains include the control of our left side movements and many techniques that are practiced more at home rather than at school. Our right side watches over our abilities to day-dream, invent, see, feel intuition and lose all sense of time.

Where would famous inventors like the Wright Brothers be without a little inspiration. When it comes down to it, those calculations in succeeding in lifting a flying machine off the ground had to start somewhere.

How many times have you had that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something was not right. Oh how that intuition is something that is sometimes taken for granted. It gets us out of some of our toughest jams, where calculations and logic are useless, like telling if you were on the verge of the flu or something. Only you can tell if you are getting sick or not. Logic only plays its part once you are already on the verge of a serious infection.

The world would be boring and simple if it were not for the imaginative folk. Imagine a world without paintings, poetry, stories, or fantasy. A world where everyone felt the same about everything. People like Van Gogh or Steven Spielberg would not be able to enrich us with their powerful paintings or imaginative movies. Where would we be without Starry Night or E.T.?

Losing all sense of time may seem like a negative thing but it is sometimes more preferable than being exactly on time. Losing yourself in your work prevents any distraction or limit to your outcome. If you're checking the clock constantly, how do you plan on giving your all to your work?

Seeing is believing. There are many people that learn by seeing something done. Sight helps us to realize the beauty of an object or even the danger of a situation.

It is true that logical situations are very common and more evident, but those situations are commonly linked to right brain attributes. While mapping out an equation, seeing the possible outcomes helps in a direct answer.

I hope you can now see how important the right side of your brain is. Daily routines demand the use of your right hemisphere as much as your left. School systems must concentrate more on the glorious and unique right side rather than the simple and logical left side. At least that is what intuition tells us.


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