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The SNN Student Magazine is a place for students across Canada to publish their work.  A place where students can read other's opinions, and hear about what's happening in schools and communities throughout Canada. 

This is our first edition for the 2003-2004 school year.  The Magazine is published online on the 25th of each month. Students from across Canada submit articles covering different news genres: current events, editorials/opinions, sports, profiles and entertainment. The magazine also features an Arts & Expressions section for poems, short stories and photography by students.

This year SNN has added several new features to its Student Magazine

Spotlight on Schools Newscast.
First Show:   OCT 29th 

SNN and Gander Collegiate present "Spotlight on Schools"  NEWSCAST. This 30-minute Newscast will be broadcast online each month from the Multimedia Studios at Gander Collegiate, Gander, Newfoundland.  Students from the school's Media Technology Program will produce stories for the show as well as the show itself. The show will also be archived on the SNN website.

If you have stories from your school you'd like to see featured in "Spotlight on Schools", send them along to SNN.

School News. 
This new feature will provide schools across Canada with a place to feature their school. SNN will host a school newspaper webpage OR if your school already has a newspaper we will link directly to your webpage. Your school will be able to profile scholastic, sports, entertainment and other activities.

Reporters Forum.  
A place where students can chat with other students about writing and also get advice from professional journalists.


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