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Unlock the Future
By SNN Staff

Students and teachers at Prince of Wales Collegiate are busy ~ very busy ~ these days. As hosts for the 19th Annual Canadian Student Leadership Conference (CSLC) www.pwc.k12.nf.ca/cslc, they are putting together final arrangements for students and their advisors who will begin arriving in Newfoundland & Labrador for the conference this weekend.

For five days (September 30th to October 5th) approximately 500 students from across Canada will be empowered by dynamic keynote speakers, interactive workshops and community service activities. Award-winning inspirational speaker Mark Scharenbroich, Realtime Cancer Organizer Geoff Eaton, the Newfie Kitchen Party, the ĎAmazing Traipse' and Mile One Extravaganza are just some of the events planned for this year's conference. One of the delegates' community service activities will be to participate in a city-wide food drive with all proceeds going to the Salvation Army Food Bank.

Conference Chair, Bernice Langdon, stated that the theme of this year's conference "Unlock the Future" focuses on the belief that all students can be prepared to deal with life situations and to contribute collectively to a better world. They will discover, understand and demonstrate the importance of communication, tolerance, teamwork, awareness of global issues and community involvement. Students will have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills while getting to know students from across Canada, building friendships that will last a lifetime.

As part of the conference there will be a Leadership Convoy, a caravan of coaches, which will bring provincial delegates across the interior of the province to the conference site, Prince of Wales Collegiate.

For many of the delegates coming to St. John's this will be their first trip to our province. The conference will showcase the diverse culture and customs that are unique to Newfoundland and Labrador. As well, the delegates will experience firsthand the province's incredible  hospitality and warmth for which our province is known.

The 2003 CSLC will mark the second time in 19 years that this conference will be hosted by Newfoundland and Labrador. Last year's conference was held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Students from PWC will be reporting on the conference and uploading photos from conference activities on a daily basis so check out their website at www.pwc.k12.nf.ca/cslc. A full report from the conference will be published in PWC's student newspaper and in SNN's October Edition.

Conference website: www.pwc.k12.nf.ca/cslc


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