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Get Ready for a "Feel Good Time
By  Stephanie I., Richmond, BC

Charlie’s Angels are back in action and ready for a "feel good time." "CA2: Full Throttle" is a joyride of a perfect combination of classic laughs and fresh jokes. This time around, the Angels, Natalie, Dylan, and Alex (played by Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu) are sent on a mission to retrieve a pair of HALO rings. These rings are encrypted with crucial information on the whereabouts of every person in the Witness Protection Program. An uknown evil-doer has stolen these rings, and when WPP members are murdered mysteriously, only the Angels can stop the terror. Other new characters include an ex-Charlie’s Angel, Jimmy Bosley, and Seamus O’Gradey, played by Demi Moore, Bernie Mac, and Justin Theroux, respectively.

"CA2" is a hilarious summer flick to catch if you’re looking for a good laugh and time to reminisce with good friends. Old formulas are reused, but in such a way, that they still appear fresh and appealing, instead of old and recycled like other sequels that often crash and burn. The chemistry between Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu is so genuine that the friendships jump right off the screen, making the movie even more enjoyable and believable.

There are only two things that I dislike about this movie, and this could be just me being picky and bitter, like I usually am. The first, is that why does the major storyline always revolve around Drew Barrymore’s character, Dylan?! In the first movie, it is Dylan who is tricked into falling for the bad guy. In "Full Throttle", it is also Dylan who is forced to revisit a horrible memory from the past that endangers the well-being of her two closest friends. Why, Drew?! Why?!

The second thing that I find distasteful about this movie is the appearance of the Olsen twins. In a scene where Dylan and Alex speculate which of the three present angels would be the first to leave, they rifle through a list of possible future Angels, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen being two of options. This, I found, was completely unnecessary, as the Olsen Twins are two of the most annoying things in the world on my list, right up there, next to snooty adults who treat teens like rebellious, thieving brats. Which isn’t fair, because I’m only rebellious and thieving on weekends. Don’t get me wrong, the Olsen Twins had their time back in the "Full House" days, but now, it’s just getting old.

But other than those two majorly minor glitches, this movie is a well-done follow up to Charlie’s last blockbuster. There have been rumours of a third Angel film, but let’s hope the next one has more sense than to have the Olsen Twins show up. They are anything but heavenly. That is all.

Rating (out of 5 stars): 5


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