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Bend it like Beckham
By  Amanda B., Maple Ridge Secondary, Maple Ridge, BC

I found this film to be a fantastic alternative to the summer trash movie-goers are normally bombarded with. The story itself is simple enough; a young English woman, born to Indian parents, dreams of being a football player, much like her idol, David Beckham. Unfortunately, her parents would rather she take a more traditional route with her life by getting a university degree and marrying a nice Indian boy. It is the struggle between Jesminder's desire to carve out her own happiness and identity as an athlete, and meeting her parents’ ishes to maintain her family’s culture and values, that make up the movie's core. Jesminder (played by the wonderful Padminder Nagra) is helped through her battle along the way by another aspiring footballer Juliette (Keira Knightly), and by Joe (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) a former player, who coaches Jess and Juliette's all female team.

There is never any doubt as to the outcome of the story, but the knowledge of the ending never detracts from the sheer pleasure of getting to know these great characters. The actors themselves really make the movie come to life. Each and every one of them has such an energy and believability that they simply pull you into the story, making you feel like you are a part of everything they are going through.

I also found that the controversial issues throughout the film (the film touches on homosexuality, Jess going against her parents’ wishes, etc.) make the movie that much more attention-grabbing. I found that this was a wonderful movie, and that everyone should give it a chance, regardless of what their first impression of it may be. This film is an inspiring comedy worth seeing this summer!

Rating (out of 5 stars): 4


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