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Remembrance Day is November 11th. A day set aside to remember those who sacrificed their lives in war and armed conflict. These wars touched the lives of Canadians of all ages, all races, all social backgrounds. Fathers, sons, daughters, sweethearts were killed in action, were wounded, and many of those who returned were forever changed. Those who stayed in Canada also served - in factories, in voluntary service organizations, wherever they were needed.

In remembering their service and their sacrifice, we recognize the tradition of freedom they fought to preserve. These men and women had faith in the future and by their acts gave us the will to preserve peace for all time. On Remembrance Day, we acknowledge the courage and gallantry of those who served their country.


Write a news, opinion, feature story about Remembrance Day. Write a poem, send a photo. Here are some story ideas that can help.

  1. Report on Remembrance Day activities happening in your community? Take photos, interview those in attendance.

  2. Interview a war veteran. You can contact the Canadian Legion if you do not have a relative or family friend you can interview.

  3. Use the internet (Veterans Affairs and other websites) to find information about a family relative that fought in the war? See links below.

  4. Why Remember? Interview friends, family members, members of the Legion, etc on why it is important to remember those that served and sacrificed their lives in the wars.

  5. Photo story. Photos of Remembrance Day celebrations, a family member, a member of the Legion in your area. Photos with a brief story.

  6. A poem about what the day means to you.


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