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I Bent My Wookie!
By Sol M., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Long live the days of waking up to Krusty O's, a Squishee at lunch, and a musical with Sherry Bobbins at bedtime. Add in some jokes throughout, and you have the cartoon world known as "The Simpsons".

On the air since before I can remember, The "Simpsons" has brought millions of viewers including myself countless amounts of laughter on a weekly basis. Although I consider myself somewhat desensitized, I often wonder what is so objectionable about this show compared to what TV is offering as an alternative as of late.

We have couples being shipped off to islands to try to not cheat on each other. We have people eating bull's testicles and laying in a bed of rats with the hopes of winning $50,000. What is next? Basically, all you see is reckless people and desperate networks doing pathetic things for the shock value of television. Without helping the situation any, there are cartoons like South Park or Family Guy with objectionable language and humor.

Now, this is not to say "The Simpsons" doesn't have objectionable language or humor. In fact, it has both but the language is toned down and the humor is less offensive to most audiences. With shows like "Family Guy" and "South Park" aimed at a high school / young adult demographic, Matt Groening (Creator of Simpsons) has made a show appealing to almost every age. My grandparents watched "The Simpsons" with me, for crying out loud. And if my hardcore, Bible-banging, Christian grandparents can stand it, is it really that bad?

Sure, there are lines like "Eat my shorts" and "this blows," but in all honesty, this is G-rated compared to what is said on prime time shows like The Osbourne's. I mean, every second word out of Ozzy's mouth would have to be spelled in this article like this: ****. In Mr. Osbourne's words, it's pure **** **** (you'll have to use your imagination).

What this world needs is more shows like "The Simpsons." With special guests almost every week, ranging from Sir Paul McCartney to Guns N Roses to N Sync, "The Simpsons" makes great use of the pop-culture icons we all know and love. Not only do we get a dosage of Kid Rock, there is powerful social commentary too. With subject matter ranging from the likes of animal cruelty, equality, and loving one another, the show helps families bond like very few shows do. We can all sit down together for 30 minutes every Sunday night to watch, and later talk and laugh about the world that is The Simpsons. It's a shame some parents are depriving their children weekly of an opportunity to share with each other. I know I would feel a void is it was taken away from me.

So I says to Mabel, I says.....

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