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"Sporting" Your School Colours
By Dan C., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

What is it about putting on that yellow and black jersey that makes people so proud? While yellow and black are certainly colours of some merit, I find it hard to believe that the colours alone carry that sense of pride with them. That Fredericton High jersey that you wear is more than just a garment dyed yellow and black that you wear to games. It represents far more than that.

Fredericton High School - a mass of bricks, concrete and other building materials where we have the good fortune of attending class every Monday to Friday - but is that all? There's more to Fredericton High than building materials and a weekly schedule. There are bonds formed there that will last you the rest of your life - with classmates, with teachers, faculty and with friends. Doesn't that jersey you put on also represent them? Don't you sometimes say to yourself in a game, when no one is within earshot, "I wish they were here to see me"? Likewise, don't you feel that pressure to perform when they are there? Essentially, you want them to be proud of you - so that you can be proud of yourself, for representing them well. When you put that jersey on, you're representing every teacher, every faculty member, every friend and every classmate you have in that school, and it represents the relationships you've formed, however insignificant, with each one of them.

That jersey that you wear represents you. It represents all the practice you've put in to becoming better. It represents every bruise, every sprain, and every injury you've endured to get to the level you're at. It represents every extra stride you've ever taken in a run, with your legs feeling weighted with lead, and your lungs burning. It should come as no surprise then that you feel pride when you pull it over your head.

In the end, it's understandable why that jersey is worn with such pride. There's more emotion and more symbolism tied into the fabric that makes that jersey than meets the eye - and for that, you are entitled to your pride.


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