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Dieters Beware of the Chocolate Moose!
By Kerys L., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

All over Fredericton High School are posters depicting the FHS Black Kat with moose antlers, proclaiming that "the FHS chocolate moose is loose."

This is the new slogan to let the student body of FHS know that TADD, Teens Against Drunk Driving, has started it's fundraising year, starting with a chocolate bar campaign. The goal is, as always, to raise money for Safe-Grad, the annual celebration just after graduation ceremonies for the new grads of FHS.

The chocolate bar sales were originally intended to last until mid-December, but according to Mr. Mike Mesheau, "it's going so well, it may end earlier." Some other fundraising events planned are: the sale of Safe-Grad clothes, the possibility of a Lock-In at Kingswood, where attendees are locked in overnight, site clean-up at Magaguadavic Lake, where the event is held, karaoke and FHS Idol, fashion shows and car washes in May when the weather clears up.

Students differ on their opinions about Safe-Grad. Megan M., 17, said "I'll go if I have nothing better to do", while Natalie A. 17, replied far more enthusiastically. "I think it's awesome! I m so hyped to go!" On the other hand, Nathan G, is more reserved in his opinion. "It's safe..." he said.

Recent graduate Morgan L., 20, said the all night party is too good to miss.

"There were hot-dogs and hamburgers and pop all over the place," said Morgan. He also remembered fireworks and a cabin that had been temporarily converted into a miniature casino, with Monopoly money that could be redeemed for prizes at the end of the night. When asked if he would have regretted not attending the party (which lasted from approx. eight o clock on graduation night, to six o clock the next morning), he replied with a resounding "Yes! It was awesome!"

Safe-Grad will take place this year on June 17th, 2004.


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