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In Canada Christmas is a religious holiday many of us celebrate.

However, Canada's population reflects a rich cultural, ethnic and linguistic makeup, found nowhere else in the world. A population that recognizes many religious celebrations. December holidays include:

~ Christmas
~ Los Posados
~ Hanukkah
~ Kwanzaa
~ Diwali
~ Birth of Guru Gobind Singh Ji
~ Sharaf,     to name a few

It's a time of family gatherings, renewing friendships, special meals, singing, worship.


Here are some suggestions for writing an article (these ideas are appropriate for junior reporters as well):

1. Describe the winter celebration that your family participates in. What does it mean to you and your family: a personal glimpse of how you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or other festivities. Interview your parents about their childhood memories; include a photo or two. 

2. Investigate a religious celebration different than your own. Do research on the web, talk with students in your school. What are the different elements of the celebration? Why is the importance of the celebration to their faith?  Take out the video camera and interview people about their celebration.

3. Profile religious celebrations around the world. In France, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Afghanistan, Australia, Cuba.

4. Christmas Traditions: People in different parts of this country celebrate Christmas in many different ways. For example, Mummering is still a tradition in Newfoundland; but did you know that Ukranian Canadians also participate in mummering. What traditions do your family or people in your province celebrate? Canadians with an English Protestant heritage are likely to enjoy a feast of turkey and plum pudding and focus their holiday celebrations on December 25. The French Catholic population generally attend midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, then hold a Christmas feast known as a Reveille. 

5. In schools across Canada (especially in rural areas)  the tradition has been to celebrate Christmas in a big way.... concerts, christmas trees,  etc. With a diverse population of students in most schools with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, is this now appropriate?   Do these students feel left out? Should equal attention be given to other celebrations such as Ramadan, Hanukkah, etc.  Take out the video camera and interview students in your school. Discuss how you feel out this issue.

6. Schools and young people throughout Canada realize that there are people in our communities and around the world who are less fortunate and cannot afford to buy a Christmas turkey or a present for their child. What are students in your school doing to help these people. Collecting for the food bank, sponsoring a family in need, collecting toys, etc.

7.  Use photography, art, animation, web design, video, audio to portray Christmas,  Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or other celebrations in your school, home or community.


Here are some websites that may help you develop a story and have it published in the December Edition of the SNN Student Magazine:

Holiday Festival.com
Christmas Around the World
Yesnet.yk.ca - Christmas Themes
Youth Online.com - resources on Ramadan
Jewish Outreach - Hanukkah
Kwanzaa resources
Canteach.ca - Sikhism resources
Canteach.ca - Shinto resources


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