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Bye Bye Birdie hits in November:
The musical begins November 17 and goes until November 22

By Lana Mc., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

An old favorite musical from the 1960's is about to take wing at Fredericton High. On November 17, and straight up to November 22, the musical "Bye Bye Birdie" will be staged at the Thomas Morrison Theatre at Fredericton High.

The musical features F.H.S. students Chris Nyarady, Patrick Maubert, Heather van Iderstine, Becka Topp in starring roles and is directed by Culinary Arts teacher, Mr. Terry Pond.

"Bye Bye Birdie", is a lovely musical written by Michael Stewart and set in 50s when rock and roll and the king himself was the craze. In fact, the musical revolves around young rock and roll superstar Conrad Birdie (Chris Nyarady), who is obviously the equivalent to Elvis Presley, and his agent Albert Peterson (Patrick Maubert), who has placed himself into debt while promoting Conrad's career.

But, now that Conrad is a star, Albert's work is finally paid off. Or at least it could have been if Conrad had not been drafted. It gets worse for Albert when Rosie (Heather van Iderstine), his secretary and love-interest, decides to resign. She has waited too long for Albert to quit the music business and settle down with her, and can't wait any longer.

Albert, who is desperate not to lose her, promises to quit as soon as he has paid off his debts caused from promoting Conrad. Which is when Rosie comes up with a plan - a publicity stunt on a popular show in which one of Conrad's female fans would have a chance to give Conrad his last kiss as a civilian. The lucky girl picked, Kim MacAfee (Becka Topp), is from Sweet Apple and is only fifteen years old.

From there the musical flows with some jealousy from Kim's boyfriend, lots of concern from her parents, and fits of despair from Rosie when she, once again, wants to leave Albert. This musical is ripe with songs and will no doubt be a hit for Fredericton High theatre goers.


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