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We've Got Spirit
By Jessica G., Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Though there are over 2000 students at Fredericton High School (F.H.S) people that do not go to the school would be surprised at how much school spirit that there is within the student body.

One of the students, Chris T. , has willingly shared his positive opinion on what he thinks school spirit at Fredericton High is, and whether the students at the school have any spirit for their school.

Chris is a senior and is in teacher Mike Gange's homeroom. He is on many of the school teams, including football. He also enjoys a lot of the different school events and participates in a lot of the school activities. He believes that the school has tons of spirit.

He only has one suggestion. "I think that pep rallies would really help the teams." Chris told us "Most of the student body does have school spirit, the few who don't should. It's the best school, that's why I'm here."

When asked if he had school spirit he simply stated that he did. If everyone at Fredericton High School shared Chris's enthusiastic spirit imagine what the school would be like. Fredericton high school already has a well known reputation for its clubs, teams, and activities. It should be known for its spirit.


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