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Hybrid Theory: A match in a gas tank(boom)
By Chris M. Grade 10, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Hybrid Theory
By Linkin Park
Warner Bros.(2000)

When you are driving in your car and there is nothing on the radio that is interesting to you turn on this album and let it bellow through your car.

Many people have helped to make the band Linkin Park what they are today, like their manager, assistants and people who give them the strength and courage to go on. Although this people are very important they are not the main band we see in their videos or hear about in the news. The main band consists of five great people Chester Benning on vocals, Rob Bourdorich on drums and backing vocals, Brad Delson on guitars, Joseph Hahn doing records, sampling etc& and finally Mike Shinoda on vocals , beats and also sampling. This band is originally from the state of California where they where raised. Linken Park sings a variety of music, from a real loud, fast song to a slow song which can touches you deeply. For the most part they do songs that are a mix of alternative and hard rock this is why the album Hybrid Theory is so good, because it can be enjoyed by all.

Over all this album is extremely well made because not only does the bands rich voices make it so great but also the quality of the music. The quality of music is so good because it was made in a studio which eliminates all of the clapping or screaming that would be in a live show. Also it is good because the music is so clear with no buzzing noises etc. I was very surprised to hear this quality of music in a debut album. After this album they made two more albums called Meteora and Reanimation. All of which have lived up to the expectations set by this album.

In many of the songs on this album there is something that the artists are saying that can not be understood be listening to the words that are said. To hear the true message you have to enter a realm where you not only listen to what the artist is saying but what they are not saying as well. A good example of this is in the song Papercut when they said " I know I have a face inside, points out all my mistakes to me " is not saying that he has two faces but that his conscience is inside of him. It is trying to get out and show the true him behind all of the lies. Linkin Park has a lot of musical ability because of their messages in their songs with are all relevant and applies to all. Also they are great because of the why they beat the drums and make the guitars hit notes with precision.

Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands and this album is always in my CD player when I go to turn it on. The only thing that is bad about the album is that you will probably get addicted like me. This album is the best I have ever heard and I would have it no other way.


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