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By Mandy, Grade 11, C. E. London Secondary, Richmond, BC

I hate my life
So many people have all the luck
One minute I think it's all good
then the next I feel so misunderstood
I'm loosing my friends everyday
I don't know who is going to betray
me next, or what I will do
how am I going to get through
no friends, no luck, what's going on?

Next thing my friends will know I'll be gone
What will they do then
Are they going to go on again
Without me, without my advice
will it happen to them twice
I'm too far gone already
I want to come back I'm ready
Help me please
before I'm gone in the breeze
I'm going even more crazy every second
Am I there already, I reckon
I need help my life is screwed
I need a different mood
too much shit is going on
I'm gone.


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