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By Adam M. (Grade 12 FHS)

Face mask. Helmet. Gloves.

Shoulder pads, mouth guard, jersey. Welcome to my world. You are now ready to step onto the football field.

In a game every bit as physical and barbaric as it seems, you need adequate equipment to prevent unnecessary (and painful) injuries. But football, played with pure adrenaline, creates a rush of intensity and is loved by anyone who has ever played the game, in spite of the roughness and the risks.

Football gives me a rush I've never experienced in any other sport before, a rush that comes once a week as I am preparing for the game. The weather can be sunny and nice or it can be frigid with snow, rain and arctic air.

You need to be mentally prepared for each game before you step onto the field and you have to be ready to represent your school or your city team. Football teams consist of many players who through out the season really come together, just like a family. But instead of being brought together out of love, the team grows closer because everyone on the squad shares the same desire to compete and win.

And I love it!


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