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Bibles and Biology
By TJ C., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Fredericton High School does not teach creationism, or have an in school prayer. Many students agree with this, however there is a large population of students who feel that their learning could be enriched through their beliefs.

Many of these students are involved in Youth for Christ, a group operating within FHS to promote the cause of Christ and establish a Christian community. According to YFC's faculty advisor Mrs. Sue Doak, the group meets every Wednesday and has bible studies on Thursday. A normal meeting consists of worship time, which includes singing, and scripture. This is followed by announcements and games. Youth for Christ organizes several special events each year including a school barbeque in October and cookie distribution at Christmas time.

As a group YFC has no set belief about school prayer, but member Daniel S. was more than happy to share his personal beliefs about church and school. "I pray at school all the time. Anyone who wants to pray should be able to, individually or as a group. I wouldn't support forcing people to pray." He continued, "I wish we still begun the day with the Lord's Prayer."

However not all students feel this way about school prayer. Tom K., a student at FHS says that starting the day with the Lord's Prayer violates his right to not have religious propaganda forced upon him.

Creationism and Darwinism are another large element to the debate over connecting church to school. Youth for Christ has sponsored one seminar dealing with this issue last year and they hope to hold another this year. When asked if he thought creationism should be taught as well as Darwinism, Daniel said "Most definitely! Neither Darwinism or Creationism are facts; they are theories that attempt to explain a set of facts." TJ agreed to an extent, but made it clear he felt that creationism belongs in religious studies not a science class.

According to www.statscan.ca Fredericton's population is eighty-four percent Christian and roughly thirteen percent of people claim no religious affiliation. When asked if he thought the small sized minority religions received fair representation at FHS, Tom K. stated "No [because] there is no recognition of minority religions' holidays", while Daniel thinks that "Nobody belonging to those groups wishes to represent them at FHS."



Hi TJ. I enjoyed reading your article. I thought your research was very enlightening. It's nice to know children are praying in school.
Raylene, Age 38, Fredericton, NB




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