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Christina: Do you have the wrong impression?
By Larissa W., Grade 9, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Christina Aguilera

I once had a wrong impression about Christina Aguilera. The reason that I thought so badly of her was, the only songs that they ever played on television and the radio were dirty and beautiful, and I thought that dirty one had an improper video. So I never wanted to listen to any other of her songs because I didn't like the dirty stuff.

Then I borrowed her new CD "Stripped", and I realized that there was only one of her songs that I didn't like and the rest were really good and had a good meaning to them.

Christina was born in December 1980 in Staten NY. She has recorded four number one smash hit singles. All through her singing career, since 1998, she has won two Grammy awards, one of them for best new artist. She started singing at the age of six at a school talent show at her elementary school. By age eight she decided to try her singing career at a higher level by joining star search, and at age ten she began singing the National Anthem at the beginning of certain sports games. By the age of twelve she joined the Mickey Mouse Club with other children including JC and Justin of N sync, Brittany Spears and Keri Russell from TV's "Felicity." In 1998 she sang a song called "Reflection" for the Disney movie Mulan. Also in 1998, she had a breakthrough #1 single called "Genie in a Bottle." Christina's "Stripped" came out in October 2002. She also stared in Lady Marmalade, released in April 2001. She sang a Latin CD called Mi Reflejo, which came out September 2000. Christina Aguilera the CD came out in August 1999.

Her musical style of the CD "Stripped" is R+B, rock, hip-hop, Latin influences and tapestry of songs that are raw, reflective and personal, but most of her songs in past albums are pop.

I think the quality of the music in the CD "Stripped" by Christina Aguilera is great because she has very good vocal abilities. She records in a studio for all of her songs.

Christina's lyrics are very interesting and some of her songs have very well done stories and quite a few of her songs are great. Christina has a very wonderful voice and she can sing high and low notes. Also she writes her own songs with a little help from others.

The reader should listen to this recording because Christina has a lot of things to say and this is how she expresses them. She dresses the way she wants because she is a woman who has been through a lot of things in her life. She has been made fun of because she is such a great singer. If you listen to her CD you will realize that she enjoys dressing like that because she is a girl and she has been trying to make a point to everyone that just because you dress inappropriately doesn't mean that you are a s**t. It means that you have your way to dress and she has hers.


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