June 2003
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The Yellow and Black Success
By Emily H., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

As the lights begin to dim and the anxious audience hurries to their seats, there's a certain electricity in the air just as the first act comes on. Let the show begin!

This year's Yellow and Black Review began with the "Boy Glauser Band", which included Brendan Glauser, Greg Brennan, Colin Smith and many more. And we can't forget our MCs Melissa VanWart and Melissa Keen, who guided us through the first segment.

The 2003 Yellow and Black Review wasn't just interesting, it also showed the vast talent we are fortunate to have at Fredericton High School. The performers created well planned skits, which amused their audience and stirred the emotions of many. This would not have been possible without the help of the technical crew and other advisors.

The show was divided into two segments, with one ten-minute intermission between them. The second Act was hosted by the hilarious duo Paul McCallister and Mike Lee. Both MCs seemed very comfortable with the audience, and that made the show enjoyable to watch. When Paul attempted to make Mike disappear, I thought I was going to cry with laughter.

The show played for two nights only, Thursday, May 8th. and Friday, May 9th. Doors opened at 7:00 p.m. and closed at around 10:00 p.m. Tickets sold for six dollars each.

Ashley Everett, who attended the show on the opening night, said, "The show was great, despite the fact that the Chinese plate dance and the African slap dance had already been done".

Many of the performers obviously worked hard. School president, John Fiset, who was a drummer in the Greg Harrison Experiment Band, thought the show was absolutely fantastic.

The performers exuded their talents which varied from music to dancing to even kickboxing manoeuvres. "Steve Roxborough and Kelly Waters were awesome in the Kickboxing event" said Colin Dolan. "It made me want to join in"!

If you enjoy dance then you should have been at the Yellow and Black Review to see Sara Bamford and Laura Coleman show off their awesome dancing skills to Christina Aguliera's brand new hit, "Fighter". "Sara Bamford did an amazing job. I wish I could dance like that," said Megan Stevens. Megan Stevens younger sister, Amanda, appeared in the show to make her first singing debut. She sang a beautiful country love song, which the audience seemed to enjoy. As she hit the stage, the crowd filled with good friends, cheered. "She was fan-frickin-tastic!" said Lindsay Russel.

You could say the show was a complete success.


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