June 2003
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The Frenzied Flutist
By Stephen T., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

In the files of Fredericton High's most versatile and talented students, Lauren H. is a top-drawer name.

Born on September 22, 1985 as the second of three daughters of Bernard and Joanne H., Lauren is currently in her senior year of high school. While attending Fredericton schools like Priestman Street Elementary School, George Street Middle School and finally Fredericton High School, this lifelong resident of New Maryland, a suburb of Fredericton, New Brunswick, attained many fulfilling accolades and acquired an assortment of goals.

One of Lauren's foremost passions is that of music. She has taken flute lessons since grade six, and is currently in her fourth year as a member of the FHS senior band and her third year as a member of the FHS orchestra. Lauren attended the University of New Brunswick Music Camp throughout 1998-2001, and performed for the Fredericton Musical Festival during 1997-2002, where she garnered several awards for high standing. Her avid interest in music has also been displayed in her participation in the last four FHS musical productions and the elite Fredericton Chamber Music Players. Her heavy involvement in music stems from a great appreciation for musicians of all sorts, particularly those in the jazz genre. While she doesn't intend to build a career around music, she insists that she will always consider it a beloved hobby and means of expression.

In addition to her many musical endeavours, Lauren allots considerable time to maintaining her health. She keeps herself on a disciplined vegetarian diet and attends fitness classes at Fredericton's YMCA center on a regular basis. She was a trained, competitive figure skater during middle school, and maintains skating as a pastime today, as well as biking and various other outdoor activities.

Lauren is an academically impressive individual, maintaining an average of 93.4% and striving to be as imaginative and hardworking as possible. She is most interested in artistically inclined subjects and activities, excelling in visual arts and writing classes, and always experimenting with artistic media such as sketching, watercolor, poetry, collage and songwriting in her spare time. She is currently deciding whether to attend either St. Francis Xavier or Carleton University in the fall, where she will study fine arts. She does not yet know what sort of profession she wishes to move into, but she does have the simple aim of being a happy, active person throughout her life. Lauren is quite politically active, as she is co-chair for Fredericton High's Students Aware of the World, a program closely linked with the international human rights group Oxfam in the quest to heighten the global awareness of the school's youth. She has attended several peace protests this year since the outbreak of war on Iraq, contributing to the cause to safeguard the civil liberties of all world citizens.

With so many interests and beliefs, naturally Lauren finds her schedule to be rather hectic. On an evening in December of last year, Lauren found herself struggling to balance what seemed to be an unmanageable series of commitments. She had a shift at her place of employment, the Atlantic Superstore, until 7:30 p.m., a much hyped, two-hour-long Fredericton Chamber Players concert at 8; a gig with some musician friends at Fredericton's Elks Club at 9; and her then incomplete sculpture of Bob Dylan for Visual Arts 110 was due the next day. Needless to say, Lauren assumed she'd end up failing to meet at least one of her obligations, but luck and her own craftiness would allow her to fulfill each of them. The Superstore let her off ten minutes early, allowing her to make the Chamber Players show on time, and when she arrived at the Elks Club show an hour late, it turned out that her band had just finished with their sound check, allowing her to play there as well. Oddly enough, she brought her sculpture of Bob Dylan with her to the Elks Club gig, and finished it while watching the acts that followed her band.

Lauren said "The frenzy that is my life is stressful at times, but most often I am busy expressing myself artistically, which is what I truly love to do. I think my many obligations result in useful knowledge and insight that I'll be grateful for in a few years."

Despite her activeness, Lauren remains a relaxed and fun loving teenager. Her social life occupies all of her remaining time, for she and her friends frequently indulge in shopping at the local secondhand store "Frenchy's," as well as taking random road trips, swimming and watching obscure, dated films. While among her friends, her expressiveness is still very much present, with honesty being one of her dearest qualities.

Agni P., an FHS senior and friend of Lauren's since elementary school, said "Lauren is unique and likable because she is good at and interested in such a wide range of things. Whether it's cardiovascular training or writing humanitarian letters, I love to work alongside Lauren. She's definitely a thinker, too; she always has an opinion, and it's usually very well supported."

With an array of skills, a cast of loyal friends and an admirable work ethic, Lauren Hudgins is indeed making every effort to fulfill all of what she believes to be her potential.


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