June 2003
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He's A Thriller!
By Ryan W., Grade 9, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Off The Wall
Michael Jackson

Over the years Michael Jackson has managed to thrill his fans with his amazing pop music. But has his thrilling finally come to end?

Growing up in Gary, Indiana, Michael Jackson spent his childhood being the youngest member of the "Jackson 5", a Motown group with his four brothers. By the age of 25 he was the biggest recording star in the world, earning him the nickname "The King of Pop."

In 1979, Jackson recorded "Off The Wall" which included four top ten hits. One of them being one of his most popular songs "Don't stop till you get enough."

Then in 1983, "Thriller" was released, which eventually sold 45 million copies world wide.

Although Michael Jackson's appeal is still spread world wide, has this 45 year old had it? Perhaps. He is no longer thrilling his fans due to all the weird rumors about plastic surgery and sexually molesting children.

Although Michael Jackson may no longer be popular, his old songs and albums are still kicking. I think "Off the Wall" is probably his best album. It has four top ten energy filled songs that is guaranteed to get your groove on.

Jackson has managed to produce 10 albums and all of them having at least one top ten hit. One of the main reasons why his songs are so energy filled is because of the variety of instruments he uses, like the bass, the guitar, drums, the piano, the trumpet, the alto sax, the flute, the trombone and many more. Michael's lyrics and songs are appropriate for all ages. His lyrics are mostly about love, dancing and things that happen in everyday life.

If you are thinking about getting a CD of Jackson's I suggest you get "Off the Wall" or another one from the 70's, or early 80's, because his popular music began to fade in the 90's because he was having trouble in his life.


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