June 2003
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God's way is the hi-way
By Nancy P., Grade 9, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Hi-Fi Revival
by the OC Supertones

With this being their 6th album, it is definitely their strongest.

They've hit the world again with their thoughtful soul-searching lyrics on their new album Hi-Fi Revival. The 12 year old band Supertones did it again, with their ska tones. Even with their new member, Ethan Luck, and Jason Carson no longer being their drummer, the Supertones prove by their talent they are at the top of all the bands. They show they are fabulous performers by the crowds they pull in at a single concert. They are here and here to stay.

Matt Morginsky (also known as Mojo) supplies the vocals, Tony Tersua is the bass player, Dan Spencer is the trombonist, Eathan Luck is on guitar and Darren Mettler is on the trumpet. There is also the drummer, Dan Needham, but he is not in the band. These marvellous musicians make up the OC Supertones.

The Orange County Supertones are from Orange County, California where they grew up loving Christ. The band was originally started by Mojo and Jason (they called it Saved) where they tried many different styles of music like disco and rock n roll. They eventually stuck with ska, which is a mix of rap, rock, jazz and swing. The Supertones are very unique and ska fits their personality like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

The whole band has a blast together worshipping the one and only God. If you don't believe me, read their lyrics. For example, from the song ‘Hold on to Jesus':

(chorus)Hold on to Jesus, Tell him about everything,
your dreams and your troubles, pure hearts desire one thing,
and mine is to know you, mine is to break down,
and shatter to pieces, and lose every thing I've found.

That is the message that the world needs to hear. The world needs to know that you have to give it all up and put all your worries and troubles into His hands. Jesus gave up His life so you could live with no worries and He wants your to give them all to Him. That is what the Supertones want to get out to a world that does not realize how happy you can be with Christ in your heart and God on your side. Not only does every song mention God, but nearly every track is a testimony of the band's relationship to their saviour.

Tooth & Nail Records put together this marvellous album, "Hi-Fi Revival". They did a professional job mixing and recording this album to pull it to their best potential. With a 15-track CD it took a lot of hard work, but the final product is a piece of art. My favourite song is track 15, ‘Glory Hallelujiah', because of the way they put it together. The lyrics are very touching and mean a lot.

If you like a good upbeat album that is clean and motivating, you will have to drop by your local Christian book store to pick up a copy of "Hi-Fi Revival" from the OC Supertones. They are top notch and have proved they have the ability to perform and while doing that loving the Lord. You won't regret making the decision to buy this CD, so if you see someone bobbing his or her head or tapping their toes, you can assume that they have had the privilege to listen to "Hi-Fi Revival".


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