June 2003
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Food For Thought
By Emily H., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Fredericton High School, the largest high school in New Brunswick, is situated smack in the middle of the most active part of the City of Fredericton. The school has a mall directly across the street from it, and an even bigger mall just five minutes away. There are also many fast food chains like McDonald's, K.F.C., Burger King, Wendy's, A&W, Tim Horton's, Pizza Hut, Pizza Delight and Subway, to name only a few, that obviously benefit from the vast number of students that attend the school.

"Nutrition at this school is great, there is a lot of variety", said Ashley E., a grade 12 student. However, with all these fast food restaurants situated close to the school, who would travel an extra ten minutes to go to a Subway or a more healthier restaurant. "If it's closer, it's better, said Lindsay R.. "If it's faster, then that's even better", she added.

Everywhere we go we are bombarded by advertising, whether it's on T.V., billboards, in magazines or even the radio. Students already have so many choices to make, a decision to make healthy food choices may not even be considered.

Despite the variety of healthy food choices in the cafeteria at Fredericton High School (F.H.S.), there are still several meals and snacks that are not as healthy. Sweets, fried food and others can be good, but only in moderation.

"I think the cafeteria offers a variety of choices for students. They sell fresh fruit, veggies, healthy snacks and meals. However, they also sell french fries and pizza and other foods that may not be as healthy," said Miss Connie Cameron, a well-known Nutrition teacher at F.H.S. Miss Cameron also stated that the cafeteria has to sell chips, french fries, etc. because otherwise they would lose a lot of business.

Whether or not you are a junk food junkie or a health-crazed nut, you should know adequate nutrition is not only important, it is essential. "I think it's good that we have a variety of places to go to eat. However, we are surrounded by fast food chains, which can be bad if you eat there every day", said Megan D., another grade 12 at FHS.

F.H.S. may be situated in an area where there aren't many good food selections, however, the cafeteria at F.H.S. always sells healthy food alternatives. The responsibility to eat healthy, however, is solely dependent on the person. Students are energetic and constantly on the go, therefore, it is imperative that they eat well.


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