June 2003
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Jay's Fantasy
By Nancy K., Grade 9, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

By Jay Zhou Jie Lun
Sony (2001)

Music such as R&B and rap are universal, even in China!

Here's a talented singer, a creative lyricist, a gifted composer, and a musical genius. It's not one of these four attributes that makes Jay Zhou Jie Lun stand out, it is definitely the combination of all four.

Jay has managed to shape Mandarin Pop into something dynamic and original. Born on January 18, 1979, this musical phenomenon grew up in Taipei, Taiwan which is still where he calls home. Jay first entered the music scene in 1999 with his self-titled album "Jay". His freshman effort was mind blowing, selling a record 500,000 CDs in Taiwan alone. His latest album was released in 2002 with a much grittier and harder touch to it. "8 Dimensions" was a smashing success. His finest work might just be his sophomore effort "Fantasy".

Blending classic piano with a strong driving beat of drums mixed in with hard guitar, combined with his soulful voice and meaningful lyrics, make an for very memorable songs. "Fantasy" is a compilation of 12 tracks with genres ranging from soulful R&B, hard rap all the way to soft, slow ballads. Five of these tracks are composed by none other than Jay. When not busy with his own schedule, Jay often composes for other popular artists such as Jolin Tsai and Jacky Wu.

What is truly special about Jay's songs are their insightful lyrics. Zhi sheng xia gang qin pei wo tan le yi tian (Only the piano is left for me to talk to)/ Shui zhao de da ti qin (the peacefully slumbering cello)/ an jing de jiu jiu de (the ancient silence) are some lyrics from An Jing (Silence). Ni xiang le hen jiu ba? (been thinking for a long time?)/ bai gei ni de hei se you mo (defeated by your black humor)/ Wo de ren zhen bai gei hei se you mo (my seriousness lost to your black humor) is from Jay's "Black Humor". With three albums released in approximately three years, Jay has continued to be a raging success and proves that his initial hit wasn't simply a one shot deal. As he has grown in the limelight, his voice has become a unique asset he can call his own. His albums have mirrored that maturity in every way.

He raps. He sings. He plays the piano, the cello, the guitar, and the drums. He composes. He is forever our Fantasy.


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