January 2003
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Tolkien is Lord of Fantasy
By Jeremy C, Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
J.R.R. Tolkien

All classic novels are based on a fight between good and evil. "The Fellowship Of The Ring" is no different. J.R.R. Tolkien first published "The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring" in 1954. The book was a magnificent introduction to the fantasy trilogy, "The Lord Of The Rings". The book has thrilled hearts of many fantasy lovers for decades. Tolkien has gained over 100 million readers across the world. It is full of singing hobbits, axe wielding dwarfs, and magic whirling wizards, that all live in Tolkien's mystical land of "Middle Earth".

The story is centred around a ring. Not just any ring, but a ring of evil power. It seems to take over anyone who puts it on. Then once it has you it uses you for its evil deeds. It was created by Lord Mordor, who wanted a ring to control all other magic rings. He created it at Mount Mordor. It was made to be indestructible. The only way to destroy is to throw it in the pit of fire at Mount Mordor, the very place it was formed. Lord Mordor, has many evil beings, that are conquering villages, in search for the ring, Heroes seem to come from the oddest places, Frodo Baggins is no exception.

He is a small little hobbit from the middle of hobbiton. His uncle Bilbo Baggins found the ring many decades before this tale even began. Bilbo left the ring to Frodo, along with his home and all of hobbiton, when Bilbo left on what would be the last journey in his long life. The ring rested in Frodo's possession for quite sometime. Frodo's friend Gandlf "The Great" (magical wizard, who possessed great powers), warned him of the ring's past and of the evil that is coming after the ring. Frodo takes off on an adventure to save all of Middle Earth from the dark Lord Mordor. Frodo's path is full of dark riders, Orcs, and crazed wolves. He must journey through evil forests, treacherous mountains, dark mines, and raging rivers.

For the journey he is joined by a few close friends, including his faithful friend and gardener, and two other hobbits. Along the way he is accompanied by Gandlf "the Great", a brave traveller, a proud warrior, an elf archer, and stout Dwarf. This is what creates the fellowship of the ring.

Tolkien uses great imagination, and use of expression to make this novel favourite for many. He uses great detail in explaining everything. In the following sentence the hobbits stand at the top of a hill looking at the land they had conquered. "In that direction the land rose in wooded ridges, green, yellow, russet under the sun, beyond which lay the hidden valley of Brandywine". That is an example of how Tolkien uses great detail to make the reader feel like they are there. He makes them feel like they are in with Frodo, and the fellowship of the ring.

The story has a brilliant mix of magic, mystery, mayhem. The story will give you compassion for the hobbits, and rage against evil. Most of all, this story shows the power of loyal friendship and individual courage, a power that may hold at times, the most dreadful forces of darkness. All which makes "The Fellowship Of The Ring" an incredible read.


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