January 2003
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Preparing students for the real world
By Nira Diamant, SNN Editor, Tec-Voc School, Winnipeg, MB

The Radio and Television Broadcasting program at Tec-Voc High School is among the best high school programs in Manitoba to train students for the broadcasting industry.

The course is designed to prepare students to succeed within media industry. John Mclure, a Tec-Voc Broadcasting teacher and former student of this shop, has nothing but positive comments "Getting students headed in the right direction is a priority within the department. This is achieved by helping them select a post-secondary school or training facility. We also provide students with work experience placements and mentorship within the industry. Putting students straight from the program into jobs is one of our goals."

Each year technology improves which means the Radio and Television Broadcasting program keeps up to date with the technology necessary to prepare students to succeed. Mclure makes sure the equipment is upgraded to what the actual broadcast industry uses, "the most recent upgrades have been the addition of several betacam video camcorders and the tape players. We just got an editing suite and 2 wireless microphones. Equipment upgrades are scheduled into the department's 5-year plan, each year."

Whether it's behind the camera or in front, this program teaches you everything there is to know. There are several events in which students in this course compete. Skills Canada is one of the big events teachers and students look forward to. Alvin Cadonic, a grade 12 students starts looking forward to Skills Canada from the beginning of the school year, "Skills Canada is a great opportunity for me to demonstrate what I've learnt and my abilities".

Tec-Voc's program trains you in all areas of the broadcasting industry. Students in this program learn everything from being an on air talent to what is involved behind the scenes. Alvin Cadonic feels very positive about this program, "when I leave the Broadcasting program I am going to go out in this industry, knowing that I have taken as much out of this course as possible".


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