January 2003
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Bullying, Racism, Terrorism and War
By Mallory S., Age 14, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Bullying leads to racism. Racism leads to Terrorism. Terrorism leads to War. You may think that the circle will never stop, fall or break. I plan to do those very things to the circle. You may think I am weird but I want to put a stop to this stupid circle of hatred, death and destruction. There is no need for it. I may be one person but that's why I am expressing this to you.

Racism. Someone calling someone else a name. Your basic bullying situation. Name calling but to a serious degree. When someone calls a black person a name, like the "N" word, they are referring to the whole black community. It can escalate to fights and not only fist fights but fights with knives, guns and many more weapons, which results in death. It happens in every single race and religion.

Terrorism. This not only ties with bullying but racism too. It starts with the situation that I stated earlier. Then people plan for years on how to get back at the people hard. They start to kill innocent people by car crashes, plane crashes, blowing up passenger boats, buses and other kinds of vehicles that contain innocent people. They use bombs to blow up buildings. They kill children all because someone called them names, bullied or killed one of their kind. Think. One day you could say something about someone behind their back. They find out and all hell breaks loose. They start to vow they will kill you and then your friend could get into a fixed car accident. All because you called someone a name. I'm not saying its going to happen. Its just an example of terrorism.

War. War is a big form of bullying, racism and terrorism. Countries fight for no reason. I think of war as a big childish fight. Countries represent a kid. One kid calls another a name and they start to fight. One kid will pull another kid into it and so will the other until the whole world is fighting. If that happens no one is safe. No one will be able to stop it. That's why I want to start early. We all need to know how important it is to not fight. If we fight and think we are helping a cause.... we aren't. We're making it worse.

Bullying brings nothing good either. Kids constantly fighting. Kids bringing guns to school and killing innocent people. Kids killing themselves or being killed by others. Then the adults get into it. When adults fight they are setting an idea into their kids' heads that it is okay to fight but it's not. We all have to do our part to keep our world at peace.

Help me. Help each other to achieve this dream in our schools, workplaces, neighbourhoods, cities & countries. Soon our world will be at peace because you helped the cause. If we try to stop all this then our world will not be a huge battlefield.


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