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Heavier Things Lighten Up
By Laura H., Grade 10, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Heavier Things
John Mayer
Aware/Columbia Records(2003)

John Mayer's CD "Heavier Things" should not be taken lightly.

"Heavier Things" is John Mayer's fourth CD. His first CD was called "Inside Wants Out" (1999), his second "Room For Squares" (2001) and his third was "Any Given Thursday" (2003). Twenty-five year old John Mayer was born in the state of Connecticut. He started playing the guitar at the age of 13 but just after six months of not being able to read the music, his parents decided that they would stop paying for lessons. Without letting this set back discourage him, John kept on practicing day after day by himself. After going to Boston's Berkley College of Music, John found out that studying about music was just not for him because he wanted to be playing it.

A few months after he started there, he decided to quit and then he found himself in Atlanta where he sang at clubs and coffeehouses where he was soon loved by all the audiences. With a lot of ambition, John Mayer brought out his first album, which is now known as only one of four of his CD's. John was obviously born to sing. He has so many talents to share with the whole world. In some songs there are guitar solos. Most people that listen to his CD's don't know that he is the one playing the guitar. He has been very lucky to have gotten all of these talents. Most people would do anything to be as talented as him, but the good thing is that John isn't wasting his gift. He has put himself out for the world to see and to enjoy.

John recorded this CD in a studio, and the music is played and sung flawlessly. He is very talented and this CD brings out the very best of all his talents.

All of the songs on "Heavier Things" have very good messages in them. He sings mostly about how to live life and just what problems teenagers go through. In the last song called 'Wheel', the very last thought that he leaves us with is "I believe that my life's gonna see the love I give returned to me". I think that this is the best thing that he could have put at the end of the CD because it will stay with the listener more than if the song was in the middle of the CD. He teaches us that if we give people our love, then they will return it to us.

I think that people should listen to this CD because it is very relaxing music to listen to when you're having a bad day. Without realizing, the lyrics of the songs will make you smile for some reason. With some of John's real life experiences included in his songs, it makes everyone want to keep on listening. People that don't like rock music will probably not enjoy this CD very much, since John Mayer's style is more soft rock/contemporary.



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