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Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End
By Sol M. , Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

The Matrix Revolutions
The Wachowski Brothers
Warner Bros. (2003)

In 1999, "The Matrix" we live in made us all sit in awe only saying one word: "whoa." Four years later, we can't even say that anymore. "Revolutions", simply put, is as amazing as "The Matrix", dare I say better.

Opening worldwide simultaneously on November 5th, 2003, "The Matrix Revolutions" has become the highest grossing movie in world history after five days, beating out "Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers."0

The story is the conclusion of the battle between the machines and Zion, and the Matrix's restart. In case you have not seen the first two Matrix films, the "Matrix" is earth, a world designed by the Architect, in which humans live and are deceived. Zion is a place where the last living humans live, and home to those freed from the Matrix.

"Revolutions" has two main storylines in it. The main story is that the people of Zion are trying to stop the machine sentinels from entering the city. The other main storyline is Neo and his fight to stop the ever-multiplying Agent Smith, the rogue program who is taking over every person in the Matrix.

The "Matrix" is the world we live in. It looks like earth, dirty and realistic, what you would see in everyday life. It has an eerie feeling to it, as it is typically dark and graffiti-tagged. In Zion, a city in the real world, it is predominantly machine-like in look, as most everything looks like it came out of a submarine.

The acting in the movie was amazing. Keanu Reeves' portrayal of Neo, Saviour of Zion and The Matrix was beyond what a human's mind can comprehend in this movie. His final battle scene against Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) is a sure-shot winner for best fight scene in a movie. It had a surreal feel to it, almost fictional feel to it - perfect for the Matrix, where, when put to the test, everything can be altered with your mind. The Wachowski Brothers, film creators, did an excellent job telling a Biblical story of epic proportions.

Excellent is the best word to describe the sounds of the film. Every detail was complimented with a sound, whether it be the sentinels attacking Zion, Neo seeing the light, or even just a door opening - every little detail worked in made this a complete project.

Symbolism - don't even get me started on that for Revolutions. To put it as frankly as I can, the official site to the movie and its trilogy, www.whatisthematrix.com, has an entire section devoted to philosophy in the movie. Like I said, don't even get me started.



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