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My Christmas list
By Jillian C., Age 15, Brampton, ON

When I was little I remember looking through the Sears Catalogue ~ The Wish Book ~ and circling every single item I could possibly want. I looked through those advertisements for hours upon hours, picturing myself playing chef with an Easy-Bake Oven.

I made a big, long list of my wishes in a letter to Santa Claus. I sealed it tightly and placed it in the mailbox so it could travel to the North Pole.

However, as I've grown older my letter to Santa gradually has changed. As small children we dream of lovely presents wrapped beneath the Christmas tree and eagerly await the arrival of tearing open a mountain of gifts. But we must realize that the beautiful packages and bows never can take the place of the true meaning of Christmas.

Last weekend I witnessed the holiday shopping season arrive. As a beautiful snow sifted to the ground while I was at the mall, I couldn't help but wish that in the midst of the frenzied shopping trips, people still remembered the importance and meaning of the holiday season.

I hope people don't forget to pray for the less fortunate during this Christmas season. I hope they remember the people without families to spend the season with. And most of all I hope that when searching for that perfect gift, they remember that it's the people, not material items, that actually matter.

So I have composed the perfect Christmas list:

Everyone will always smile, and feel compassion instead of hate. Selfishness and greed will disappear for a while, and people would appreciate the beauty around them. We all can live in harmony if people would take the time to appreciate the little things. Everyone will have faith and trust. People will believe in what they cannot see.

The family will have much more value, and marriage never will end in divorce. I wish that when society pulls one way, no one will be afraid to tug the other and stand up for his/her beliefs.

No one will give into peer pressure. We won't let the media influence our actions. We will learn that real beauty comes from within. Everyone will do what's right, not what's expected. No one ever will be left alone.

Celebrities who own 10 cars for their personal use will sell them and give the money to the homeless instead. The world will not be so materialistic. We will find a cure for AIDS and cancer. No one will ever be left to starve.

People will take a look at themselves before they criticize others. They will focus on things that really matter. We will learn to appreciate the moments we have with the people we love.

There will be no more lives torn apart. Wars will never start. And time can heal any heart. Everyone would have a friend, right would always win and love would never end.

This is my Christmas list.


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