Welcome back to another fun, thought-provoking year at SNN! This is SNN's sixth year providing a voice for Canadian students.

The SNN Student Magazine features articles by students from across Canada. The magazine is published online on the 25th day of each month.

Student reporters tackle issues such as student workload, media stereotypes of young people, their futures, drinking, pop culture, friendships, teen images in the media, their favourite CD, artist, movie. Students use all aspects of media to share their views - print, photos, audio and video.

What is SNN? Well, I think student reporter Ashleigh Viveiros of Manitoba says it best:

"What's so great about SNN is that students can write about what is important to them. It's an outlet for teen ideas, a place where you can vent, where you can write about things that anger you or that please you. SNN is an organization that gives teenagers a voice in a society that sometimes forgets we're here. It's a place where you can be secure in the knowledge that somewhere out there are students who will read your article, and nod their heads in agreement.

SNN is for the shy kid that sits at the back of the class, praying that the teacher won't call on him/her. It's for the popular kid who doesn't know how to make his opinions known. It's for the dreamer who writes articles about the amazing future we have in front of us. It's for all the kids who have passion, whether it be writing, sports, or movies."

How do I get my story published in SNN?
Writing and publishing your views in the SNN Magazine is simple! First, check out the Newsroom section for story ideas, writing guides and reporting tools. If you'd like to voice your ideas but have trouble with your writing, we can put you in contact with a professional journalist mentor. Then, write your story. Use photos, audio/video as well. Send your story to SNN by using the Editor's Desk or send as an attachment by email at snn@stemnet.nf.ca. Once we've received your story it will be reviewed by the Editor and Editorial Team. If ready and okay for publication, it will be published in the next SNN edition. If there are questions about your story, we'll send it back to you for revision and comment.

If you're into photography, video or audio stories we'd love to receive them. If you don't have the facilities to fully produce a multimedia story at your school we can help. Send us your raw footage on a topic ie. your school, your drama club, an interview you've done, etc. along with a script/notes on your story and we'll help you put it together. You'll find more about doing audio/video stories in the Reporters Toolbox.

If you would like to learn more about SNN, writing stories, producing multimedia or becoming involved with SNN as a reporter or joining our Student Editorial Board email the SNN Coordinator (that's me) at snn@stemnet.nf.ca.

Enjoy our first edition of the 2002-2003 year!

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