November 2002
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I Have To Go
By Grade 10 student, Delta Secondary School, Delta, BC

Being able to use the washroom should be a right not a privilege. Many teachers have the idea in their head that students can control when they have to urinate. "You should have gone at lunch they say," they say. Well to that I would reply, "If I had to go at lunch I would have," but I may get into trouble for standing up for myself.

If a student is not using the washroom excessively and using their class time effectively then there should not be any reason why they are not allowed to go. I have even heard teachers remark that if a student has to go so badly, then they should go in their seat. I think we all know that if a student actually peed in their seat the teacher would not be very happy. Our whole lives we are taught that when we have to go we should not hold it in. Doing this may even cause medical problems later in life.

Then I must raise the point that concerns the female student body. When girls are menstruating, they may have to visit the washroom many times during the day. Unlike urinating, girls are unable to "hold it in" so there is no option of waiting for lunch or after school. I am not saying that teachers should automatically assume that when a girl asks to use the washroom that they have their period but some understanding would be appreciated.

Some teachers also use the argument that students should use the breaks in between classes to use the facilities. I am not sure about other schools but at mine, most students barely have enough time to get to their classes much less use the washroom. So I believe that until humans somehow develop the ability to have absolute control over their bodily functions, teachers should rethink their no washroom rule.


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