November 2002
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The ‘Pop Queens'
By Lola Sutton, St. Albans, NL

Brittany and ChristinaIt seems that more and more young teens are warming up to the new age of pop music. An age where the main leaders are two women who I feel are not proper role models for younger teens ~ ~ Christina Aguilera and Brittany Spears.

In my opinion these two "Pop Queens", as they have often been called, should not be allowed to produce such obscene videos as "Dirty" and "Slave 4 You". Both these videos show girls dressed in very revealing clothes. Not only are they scantily dressed, they are both acting in a way I believe is not suitable for young audiences. These girls are not only singers but role models to many young girls.

It is scary to think that many young teens may be turning to such drastic measures as anorexia and bulimia in a desperate attempt to look more like these so called stars.

This new age of pop music shows young girls, particularly between the ages of 10-16, that in order to succeed and be well liked by their peers they have to dress in short tops and short skirts. That they must be skinny and not be themselves.

Brittany Spears    Christina Aguilera

In their early years both Brittany and Christina were innocent looking girls and covered up a little more. Their videos were made up of young girls dancing and their music was about relationships and teen love.

Brittany Spears    Christina Aguilera

However, by their third cd's they changed drastically - for the worst. Now they dress in nothing more than sleazy clothes. Their videos depict sexual overtunes not suitable for young girls to view.

Young girls watch these women not only in music videos but in movies. Hollywood promotes this sexuality with movies specifically targetted to a young audience. It is like there is a stereotype surrounding teens and that is ~ everything revolves around sex.

I passionately believe there should be some type of censorship surrounding these type of videos. There should be not only a warning but also certain clips should not be run on world wide television as if what they portray is all right.

"I believe these videos have a right to be aired on MTV. However, I think there should be some restraints such as later airing and better warnings on all such videos," stated a Grade 12 student at our school. Another student from Grade 8 agreed with him, "These videos should be aired at a later time because that way younger teens would be gone to bed and they wouldn't watch them".

More teens need to speak out and protest about such provocative images. We should protect younger girls from this sort of media image. Maybe it isn't too late to change what is happening before all good wholesome morals and values are lost.

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