November 2002
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Pop is not Punk and Rock is not Rap…get it straight!
By Amanda L., 15, Delta Secondary School, Delta, BC

The world of music in today's society has a huge impact on many people, not only on adults, but teenagers and even children. A large amount of small kids grew up singing along to "Old McDonald" or "Ring Around The Rosy"; songs like those aren't placed in any specific category. As we get older we realize that music has a much wider variety of styles, languages and even meanings. In North America, as we flip through a variety of different radio stations we hear a lot of Pop, Punk, Rock, Metal, Rap and Hip Hop, but of course there are hundreds more.

More and more artists are beginning to blend their genre of music with others, developing it into one. Rock stations are now beginning to play Hip Hop and Rap artists like Eminem and Swollen Members. What's with that? Singers like Avril Lavigne are being classified as Punk, but really her image says more about punk than her music. They should be selling their music not their style of clothing.

Punk bands like Goldfinger, Millencolin and Good Charlotte sing Punk and dress Punk; it's easy to keep away from false images. Just because Avril Lavigne wears a tie, baggy clothes and skateboards doesn't mean her music is Punk; her image says one thing, her songs another.

The majority of artists seem to forget that people will respect them for who they truly are. Acting as "posers" saying their music is something which it indubitably isn't, won't get them anywhere; the fans will see that and disrespect it. They have to remember to be real, they don't need to call themselves Punk when they sing Pop; music is always going to have many different genres. The most important thing is to remember not to confuse them with each other.


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