November 2002
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Murdered Before Birth
By Ryan J C., Grade 10, Delta Secondary School, Delta, BC

Abortion: We've all heard of it, and there's a good chance we know someone who's faced it. In fact, 50 percent of pregnancies in North America are unintended. Beyond that, of those unplanned pregnancies, 53 percent are among the ten percent of women overall who don't use contraception. Many of those pregnancies are not only unintended, but also unwanted, and that's where abortion becomes an option.

A large group of people believe that abortion is the "right" thing to do. They believe so especially if the pregnancy was a result of rape or incest, and I can't say that I don't agree. If a women or even a twelve-year-old becomes pregnant because of such horrible acts, they have every right to choose abortion. There are many cases where the family of a victim favours abortion, yet the victim wishes to preserve the life of their child. Especially in cases of incest, the family will pressure the victim because if the baby is born, the father will be exposed.

There is also a large group of people that believe abortion is wrong. They say that abortion is murder, killing an innocent child before it is even born. They believe that every child is beautiful and important, and that even a child born from rape can be a caring and loving individual. These people ask philisophical questions like, "What if that child would grow up to cure cancer?" Whereas believers in abortion stubbornly answer back, "What if that child grows into a serial killer?" Such questions and statements test our very moral grounds.

Some see abortion as a way to overcome the mental grief and pain that rape or incest cause, and will lie on the operating table to literally have the life sucked out of them. Others care deeply for their unborn child, despite its origin, and stalwartly refuse to undergo abortion. These women feel that if they can raise the child, then they can overcome the past, while if they choose abortion, they'll have regret forever.

Abortion, although legal, is looked down on by many. Doctors are boycotted and criticized, and the women undergoing abortion are often shunned by family and friends. Still, abortion is a popular choice, and because of the valid arguments from both sides, it will probably remain an issue for some time to come.

Personally, I believe that the choice of abortion lies in the hands of the mother, and that no other human being can choose for them. I don't favour abortion particularly; however, if the child is a result of such despicable acts as rape or incest, the mother has the option. I value all life, as many do, but if the need to abort should occur, it should be respected and so should the mother. I see abortion not as a way to reverse time, but as a way to relieve the pressure, grief, and pain that someone may have caused.


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