November 2002
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A "Special" Movie at GVC
By Karin Enting, Grade 12, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler, Manitoba

GVC's Shadow Crew created and edited a movie based on a book called I Am Special and was shown to GVC students in early June.

Directed by Mr. Jim Nickel, the movie included Ike Fehr, as Punchello; Marge Wiebe, as narrator; Nicole Hamm, as the girl with no dots; Mr. Earl Dyck, as the woodcarver; Karin Enting, as a girl who rejected Punchenello; Miss Steinke, as another "cool" person in the movie; and approximately 30 others.

The editing of the movie was finished in early June. The movie was supposed to be shown at the GVC Big Show, but because of technical problems that was not possible.

"I liked the whole message that everyone should just feel good about themselves," Mr. Jim Nickel said. "I used to be shy in grade 10 and I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this story."

Main character Ike Fehr said, "I figured it would be a great opportunity to be in a movie with a good message that will hopefully give some people more confidence."

Mr. Jim Nickel's next movie will be about "Why People Do Drugs" and "How To Be Successful." The movie "I am Special" will be shown again to GVC students and staff in October or November.


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