November 2002
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Half Way to Looking the Same
By Michelle H., Grade 10, Delta Secondary School, Delta, BC

I think that having a school dress code would be a good idea because children under the age of eighteen don't dress appropriately these days and it could easily make everyone more equal.

For those who couldn't afford to buy the new brand clothing they wouldn't have to spend as much money on their clothes. I think the parents would also agree as too many of the parents of these children wearing the top brands pay at least seventy dollars for a simple pair of blue jeans.

If there was to be a school dress code, it would be so that children wouldn't have any skin on their stomachs or on their backs showing. Basically they would have to wear clothing that fits. They would also not be able to wear clothing with inappropriate words or violent pictures on them. They would have to cover up any underwear showing, bra straps, underwear, boxers, etc… One reason that there would be a school dress code is to show children that they come to school to learn and not to show off and see who is at the top of the popularity chain. Children automatically think that if you are wearing nice clothes, you are more attractive.

When you have the right to vote, drive, drink alcohol, and when you have your own job to make yourself money, you are expected to be responsible and when you are responsible you are able to choose what you are able to wear. When I asked a few students what they think about a school dress code they basically all agree on the same thing, "no school dress codes!" They explained to me that if there were to be a school dress code, students couldn't express who they are. For example, a student may want to wear a basketball jersey and shorts, and another may want to wear a short skirt and a tank top. But if there were to be a dress code, they may not be able to wear the following. Many different students come to school and not that many come to school with the same style as any other student.

I think that it could be a horrible thing to some students who only have clothing to show who they are. They may not like to talk or some student may be a mute. I personally like what the dress code is now. It is that, you may dress how you would like, but it must be approved and presentable. For example, if a student came to school wearing a bikini top and a pair of short shorts above the bottom of their fanny, they shouldn't be able to wear something like that. It may disturb many people in the school environment and distract them from schoolwork. When a student comes to school, they have the right to learn in a happy environment.

So in the end I think that the way things are right now, are just fine because everybody is happy. Well almost everyone except those who agree with a school dress code.


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